International Jazz Day 2015

I have a few words for everyone that might be interested in my album or what is happening in my life and to top it all off I want to speak about this day in general as April 30 is International Jazz Day! It’s nice that these two topics are so close to each other.

160x160 Facebook ProfileApril of this year marks one of my favorite milestones. It has officially been 1 year since I became a full time musician. Around this time last year I quit the day job to start a career that has so far made me immensely happy and thankful for each day. I am extremely lucky that I have had the opportunity to work at Rebel Cowboy Music. Without the assistance of everyone at the store I don’t think I would have taken the big leap I did to begin my dream of doing music full time.

Over the past year my manager Lu Ann (without whom being a full time musician would not be possible) and I have chased down multiple avenues of the music business just to stay afloat. That being said, things have been rather hectic at times and the album work has been on a back burner, however, it is on a steady simmer. I do have some solid music already recorded but it is still going to take some time for me to shape it into something I can be proud of.

Last thing I want to talk about today is Jazz Day. As mentioned earlier, today is a day dedicated to celebrating Jazz music and culture. There are some great events happening all around the world and even a live concert streams on all day. I will be celebrating Jazz Day by listening/playing/recording and hopefully later, if I can talk them into it, I’ll get my students playing some jazz standards.
Jazz has been there for me for many years. Many times when I’ve needed it for many different mental/emotional and spiritual reasons it has been there. It’s hard to describe exactly what it means to me but music being music even, if it’s not jazz, I’m sure in some way you can understand the thoughts and feelings I am trying to convey. Jazz is often compared to life and this is mainly because jazz is so hard to define and there is much debate but for the most part people can agree on a few fundamental things. Jazz is about coming together with a group of people with similar interests to create something bigger than one individual. To do that you will have to take risks by trying new things. You will have to trust that the people around you will support you when you need it and you will have to be there for them as well. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you are not completely satisfied with the final product. What matters is that you enjoy the process.

So if you are celebrating Jazz Day in any way today then I would like to say thank you. Thank you for supporting an art form that is so dear to my heart.


James Daniel.

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