Single Release & Album News

I’m putting the material I recorded over Winter 2015/2016 out for everyone to listen. This music is all completely improvised. The first tune I’m releasing today was the only tune that I started recording with a tentative form. All the others I recorded on this album are completely improvised. Which literally means I started with barely an idea and then went wherever the song led using only my ears.

For me this isn’t anything ground breaking. I hear improvised music all the time. If it’s your first time listening to songs like these then give yourself some time. Find a quiet space and throw some headphones on. The tune is available on my Soundcloud, and it’s free. So give it a chance, give it a listen…

Chiaro E Scuro (Translation: Light and Dark)

I like to tie all of my influences and passions together. Italian culture has influenced many aspects of my life and having these ideas written down in Italian made more sense than English. Not a word is spoken on the album anyway so why would I need it to be in my native tongue. I’ve been working for quite some time to find the funds for a trip to Italy. So it is my hope that this material will help me to do that in some form or another. I’m going to release the album in pieces digitally and then together in digital and physical forms.

I have many teachers to thank for encouraging me to become a musician. Not a guitar player but a musician. I am aware the guitar is my first instrument but for this album using only solo piano improvisations makes the most sense for me. I’ve been working on multiple projects at once trying to decide which one deserved my attention and I just decided to get this out there so everyone can get a sense of my music and hints at more to come (like I said this is only one of the many projects I’ve been working on.)

I will admit this album is just for me. These are tunes that I love and actually listen to on a regular basis. So I have no idea if anyone will listen to these songs but at the same time I don’t mind either way. I would just love to see my first album framed and hanging on a wall. I really need to get started and this is how I’ve decided to do that. 

First Single:

Scuro is the first song on my album “Chiaro E Scuro” which is Italian for Light and Dark. Inspired by Chiaroscuro a form of art that plays with the visual contrast between light and dark. My intention for this album was to improvise a set of themes that played with light and dark contrasts as well but on a sonic level. Scuro (translation: dark) is the first theme of the album that represents the darker side of the album. It’s not a frightening tune at all just a bit darker than other tunes.

Thanks to everyone that either took the time to read this post or actually listened to the tune itself. I will be releasing much more materials over the summer so please check back soon. If you have any questions, let me know by commenting on this post.


James Daniel

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