James Daniel is a guitarist, composer and educator based in Ontario, Canada who specializes in live-looping of the guitar. He has worked in many different musical contexts, developing a distinctive kind of sound.  His recent performances include recitals of solo repertoire at Communities for Doctors Physician Recruitment Gala, Art in the Park Windsor and various cafes, restaurants and wineries. James is especially interested in reaching out to new audiences and presents his show in a variety of formats. He has performed at weddings, corporate anniversaries, awards dinners, and local festivals. James was also a nominee in 2014 for Biz X Magazine’s “Artist of the Year” award.

His repertoire includes jazz, jazz fusion and easy listening instrumentals combined with a majority of original music. Using multiple instruments and a loop pedal, James can create a sound that normally would not be available in a solo act. As a solo artist, he creates a one-man-band musical performance with his loop pedal – a device that allows James to “clone” himself and interact with his own music in real time.  His music is heavily based on improvisation making each of his performances unique to themselves. Typically performing original compositions, James has also been known to give his own spin on popular cover tunes at shows. Appropriate for all ages, audiences have referred to his music as refreshing, exciting and moving.

A native of Warkworth, Ontario, James started playing music when he was just fifteen years old. His love for music and performing evolved when he began to take music lessons in Toronto, Ontario and joined his high school’s jazz band. Pursuing a strong interest in jazz, James studied and performed at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario. He holds an Advanced Diploma in Applied Music, specializing in jazz guitar.

James Daniel continues to play, record, and freelance throughout Ontario, while teaching at Rebel Cowboy Music in Kingsville, Ontario. His solo album is expected to release later this year.

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