Live Music

Use the form below to book live music for your upcoming event. Please include as much information you can in the description (ie. what type of event it is, dress code, performance duration, etc.)


Q: What kind of music can you play?
A: Holding an Advanced Diploma in Applied Music from Mohawk College, specializing in jazz guitar I also have experience in rock, country, jazz, and classical.

Q: Do you take song or instrument requests?
A: Yes, I am happy to accommodate a song or instrument request. Please allow at least 2 weeks notice. When booking, please let me know of the specific song(s) or instrument you’d like.

Q: What time will you arrive?
A: Expect me to arrive about 30 minutes ahead of time so I will have time to meet you, and also set up. If you’d like for me to arrive earlier, you may request so but because of the extra time there may be an additional fee.

Q: Should we expect you to take breaks?
A: This depends on the duration of the performance. I may take a quick break every hour or so.

Q: Is there anywhere I can see you perform live before booking?
A: Yes! I have some recordings of me playing various tunes on my YouTube page or you can check out my upcoming events to see where I’m playing next. I’d be happy to see you there!

Q: How much do you charge for a performance?
A: No two events are the same. Please use the booking form above so I may review your request to give you a fair quote.

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