January 2016 – Blogger Collaboration
I worked with award-winning blogger and author to create original background music that suited a tutorial video used to promote matcha green tea. View the video to hear my background music here.

June 2015 – Once Upon A Tea Time Magazine “June Issue”
Beginning on page 14 of the June issue, OUATT interviewed me to chat about my music path, inspiration and upcoming album. A music clip from the album was also shared for readers.

November 2014 – Biz X Magazine “The 17th Annual Biz X Awards”
Listed as “Artist of the Year” nominee for the 2014 Biz X Awards – recognizing hardwork, dedication and talent to companies and individuals in Windsor-Essex and Detroit.

April 2014 – In Touch Magazine “Keeping in Touch”
A mini feature in the alumni magazine regarding my solo album recording and to follow my journey on my Facebook page.

May 16, 2012 – Northumberland News “Art in the Park in Warkworth”
Mr. Gummer has been away at Mohawk college studying music and will be bringing his unique style of jazz to the stage, Mr. Graham said. ‘I just think that it’s exciting that he gets to come back and play in his home town,’ he said.”

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